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Meet Dr Robert Lin

Breathe better, sleep better and eliminate pain

Dr Robert Lin is the dental expert that optimizes health beyond your teeth, so you can breathe better, sleep better and eliminate pain, beyond your million dollar smile! What makes him unique is the ability to perform treatments that are taught beyond university level that very few dentists have the skills and knowledge to execute. Dr Lin’s philosophy is simple, if the treatment is not what’s best for the patients’ health then he simply won’t provide it. Robert treats his patients the same away he would treat his own family and friends. How important is your health to you?

Dr Robert Lin has suffered from numerous health issues throughout his life. His childhood involved regular visits to see different doctors and specialists in search for answers. On the outside Robert looked like a normal child but on the inside he always felt something wasn’t right. It wasn’t until age 25 that he found all the answers to his health he had been searching for. Since then Dr Robert Lin has undergone 4 years of extensive dental and medical treatment including multiple surgeries to cure his health issues which many have said couldn’t be achieved or even a minor miracle!

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Dr Robert Lin’s Mission

Dr Robert Lin’s mission is to not let other people suffer like he did, he wants to help adults live a healthy and pain free life and children to grow to their maximum genetic potential. Therefore since 2013 Robert has been on a relentless pursuit for knowledge spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars per year on continuing cutting edge education. This involves travelling interstate multiple times a month and sometimes overseas to learn from the world’s best in the areas of health he was suffering from.

The Best Health Care

These days Dr Lin is one of Australia’s leading experts in the fields of breathing and sleep, head neck and TMJ pain, orthopaedics and orthodontics. In 2018 Robert was recognised at an international level for his achievements and the quality of his treatment. He has also started teaching dentists at the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry in Sydney and operates a local study club for dentists in Brisbane.

Furthermore, Robert treats his patients the same away he would treat his own family and friends which is why every health professional in Dr Lin’s team has treated him personally so you can be assured you’re getting the absolute best health care!

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Dr Robert Lin Often Gets Invited To Important Business Events

Here Dr Robert Lin is with Robert & Kim Kiyosaki and Gary Vaynerchuk

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Dr Lin can often be seen networking with high level entrepreneurs, for more see the About section

Some Of Dr Robert Lin’s Accolades

In the below images you can see Dr Robert Lin lecturing at the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry in Sydney, Dr Robert Lin joining the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry teaching faculty in 2018 and Dr Robert Lin in Hawaii receiving his Fellowship award from the International Association for Orthodontics in 2018

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Dr Lin is the principle lecturer of the IAADent Orthodontics Brisbane Study Club which consists of dentists from all over South East Queensland.

Why treat early?

Crooked teeth is merely a symptom of a much
greater health problem…

Your child’s health must come first!

Early treatment is easier and more efficient because the longer the problem exists, the harder it is to correct. However most importantly it means your child doesn’t have to suffer anymore!

For more information on sleep disordered breathing please watch this video

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